Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who's keeping the change?!?

I have been watching with hopeful vigilance as Mr. Obama's first 100 days have inched they're way to completion. And, in general I have been incredibly impressed with my President. These are trying, eventful times and he and his administration have met these challenges with substantive policy and a real willingness, sometimes too much so IMO, to cross the isle and work with the Republicans to get bills pushed through as quickly as practicable.

I have also been watching for this administration to right the wrongs of the previous pack of criminals. Particularly the damage done to our civil liberties and to the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution. Although they have begun to address the neo-Luddite, anti-science, anti-intellectual policies that lead us to run screaming from the Kyoto treaty, deny the existence of global warming, and stop government investment into any scientific inquiry that didn't meet the religion test.

However, the Obama Justice Department has continued to uphold the same nonsensical arguments regarding secrecy and Executive Privilege, and Habeus Corpus. So much so that some of his staunchest supporters (including me) are beginning to call them out on it. And you should too.

Ours is a country that had been and should continue to be based upon the rule of law. We believe that the civil liberties guaranteed to our fellow citizens not only apply to us but to anyone who steps foot on our shores and even to (especially to) our enemies. At least we had been until the Bush gang took over the the Whitehouse and threw out the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution (and tried VERY hard to cut out the First Amendment too).

Speak out folks! These policies are WRONG. They are not only wrong they are DANGEROUS to you and to the health of our country and our form of government. Write, call or email your congresspeople and tell them the Obama administration should be held to a higher standard than the Bush Gang was. We voted for change but NOT for a change in the Constitution. We voted to give the Obama administration the power to execute that change, but not absolute power to do as they see fit without oversight or checks and balances.

Keep your eyes open folks. I am, and remain, a strong Obama supporter. But, I will continue to watch for further abuses of Executive power and encroachments on our Constitutionally protected rights. He does NOT get a free pass just because he is a Democrat. In fact, it means I expect MORE from him and his administration. And you should too.