Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sleep (or the lack thereof)

It is 2:32am on a Saturday as I write this post and (again) I cannot sleep. This seems to happen a lot lately. In fact its gotten to the point that the consequences of not having the sleep are becoming a problem in the rest of my life. Particularly with work.

I am not sure what happened. Sleep and are were once best friends; I even dated Sleep's sister (she was a real dream girl). But somehow, somewhere along the path to "adulthood" (this from a man who still visits the toy aisle in every department store he shops in), Sleep and I lost touch with each other. We never really had a falling out per se, we just stopped communicating well. I guess it happens sometimes but, usually it happens with friends who are seperated by some distance! Sleep and I still see each other every day, sometimes more than once! But lately nighttime rolls around and his usual visit to my house gets "delayed". Apparently, Sleep has a new BFF and I have slid down the ladder to an I'll-see-him-when-I-can friend...

I guess perhaps it's true what they say: familiarity breeds contempt. Sleep knows me too well. He knows that I will ALWAYS want him, I am hooked. So, he has begun to take me for granted. I can't quit him! I am hoping that sometime soon I will find a way to breach this gap in our relationship. But, until then, I guess I will ask my other BFF, the Interwebs, to keep me company until he gets here...

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