Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Enough. I. AM. DONE.

So, it's 4am on Monday June 13th as I write this post.

After several attempts at sleep tonight I have given up. Every time I close my eyes and try to quiet my thoughts I return to mass shooting in Orlando. I cannot get out of my mind imagined scenes of frightened people who, only moments before, were reveling in their lives, sharing precious moments with their friends or lovers, dancing with joy and abandon and were then forced to run for their lives or hide from bullets. I feel the chaos of the moment come over me every time I close my eyes. And I weep.

I. Am. Done.

I am done defending your "right" to bear arms without restriction. I am done expecting our "leaders" will somehow find the courage to stand up to the criminal gun lobby and do the sensible thing and enact even the smallest measure like a fucking background check.

C. Fibbonacci Blue 2016-06-12 This is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.
Our country, and I include myself in this to my own shame, have become adjusted to mass shootings. They happen so often now that unless the body count reaches double digits or there is some other factor like race involved we don't even register them. They don't make the evening news beyond the tv market in which the happen. They have become background noise. Like the gunshots that ring out in the night with such regularity in every city in the US. Like the sirens that could as easily be firefighters rushing to save a life as police rushing in body armor to confront yet another "lone gunman", yet another "mentally ill/crazy" shooter.

We have adjusted. We've adjusted our sense of decency. We've adjusted our tolerance for horror. We've adjusted our expectations.

I. Am. Done.

I am done being adjusted to it. I am claiming my righteous anger. From here on I will be maladjusted. I think we all should be. Maladjusted to the constant slaughter of our neighbors. Maladjusted to a congress that lacks the courage to confront the plague of gun violence with even the most basic prophylactic measures. Maladjusted to the fanatics of the second amendment that claim their G_d-given right to carry their weapons of mass destruction wherever they please. No. I am DONE being adjusted to this psychosis.

I. Am. Done.

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